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Discover the latest developments across different electric vehicle markets worldwide including; Europe, the Americas and Asia. Gain an understanding of the expanding EV industries through e-Mobility reports, sales figures and EV expert blogs. Find out how the e-mobility adoption is growing throughout different continents, countries, provinces and even cities.

Global Electric cars sales

We share EV reports covering global sales figures and trends. Access yearly, quarterly or monthly electric vehicle sales volumes per different regions. Find the best-selling EV brands and models in Europe, China and the United States. Next to that, we share outlooks providing electric vehicles sales forecast towards 2030 and beyond.

Electric vehicle trends

Get in-dept insights on EV market trends with our extensive collection of reports. Learn about the e-Mobility adoption strategies in different countries. And discover how driver behaviour & government incentives are creating opportunities for growth.

Covering the whole electric vehicles market

We provide development and sales reports on the following topics:
  • EV batteries
  • Electric vehicles (brand, models, start/scale ups)
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Comparison of hydrogen and battery electric trucks

This paper compares the following topics: vehicle characteristics, duty cycles, total cost of ownership, refuelling and recharging times and payload losses.
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COVID-19: The Impact of Lockdowns on EV Markets

This paper presents scenarios with possible lockdown periods of 2, 3 or 4 months, starting mid-March 2020. The scenarios cover the total Light Vehicle (LV) markets and the EV (BEV+PHEV) sector in the 4 geographies of Europe, USA, China, the Non-Triad countries and for the aggregated global totals.
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Entering the European Market: Challenges and Future Trends

The European EV market grows in every dimension, creating a promising environment for new market entrants. This report provides a guide on how to enter the European market and sheds light on its challenges and trends.
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Can electric cars beat the COVID crunch?

This report analyses the electric vehicle (EV) market in Europe from the perspectives of production and demand, and explores the potential consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for the electric car market.
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EV Frontrunners: Interview with Mathijs van der Goot

For this episode of EV Frontrunners, we interviewed Mathijs van der Goot. He is the Global EV & Charging Manager at LeasePlan.

Interview with Mathijs van der Goot

Global lead EV @ LeasePlan
5 minute read |

How clean are electric cars?

This paper contains a comprehensive and forward-looking comparison of electric, diesel and petrol engines in different car sizes for 2020 and 2030.
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