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Gain quick & easy access to comprehensive data on Europe’s public EV Charging network. The Charge Point Monitor offers trusted statistics for comparison and analysis

Monitor 725.000+ public European charge points across 16 countries

The Charge Point Monitor serves as a key tool for a statistical perspective on regional EV charging infrastructures, aggregating important metrics for a infrastructure analysis at a first glance

EV Charging Network Growth: Track the expansion and evolution of the EV charging infrastructure

Charging Speed & Accessibility: View a breakdown of Charging Speeds and Network Accessibility

Leading Cities: Identify the top 3 cities with the most developed EV charging networks

Navigate Europe’s EV Charging network with ease

The Charge Point Monitor simplifies your analysis by consolidating all necessary EV charging intelligence in one place, providing standardised metrics for easy country comparisons, and ensuring data reliability through integration with Eco-Movement

One-Stop access to regional EV Charging network insights

Gather comprehensive data from Europe’s EV charging network in one convenient dashboard. No more juggling between multiple sources

Effortless comparison with standardised metrics

Utilise fixed metrics for clear, effortless comparisons across various countries. Our dashboard is equipped with fixed metrics, allowing you to conduct EV Charging Network analysis with ease

Trusted data sourced from Eco-Movement

Our monitor integrates Eco-Movement’s trusted data, ensuring you base your study on information that is both accurate and authoritative

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A screenshot of the Charge Point Monitor a data dashboard showing EV Charging data from Belgium. Includes a charging network graph, bar graphs of top 3 cities, accessibility options, charge point speed, and CPO market share