One dashboard to track global EV sales

The EV Sales Monitor brings together comprehensive global EV passenger car sales data, offering you a complete and easy-to-navigate view of the market

Monitor the Regional e-Mobility Adoption

The EV Sales Monitor delivers regional statistics on electric vehicle sales, bringing together diverse metrics for a complete market overview. Explore the key data points that make our monitor an indispensable tool for your market analysis and tracking

Monthly BEV & PHEV Sales: Access up-to-date BEV and PHEV sales figures

Sales by Fuel Type: Analyse sales across various fuel types, from electric and hybrid to conventional fuels

Top BEV & PHEV Models: Identify monthly bestsellers in the BEV and PHEV categories

Total BEV & PHEV Fleet Size: Examine the growth of EVs in the market, with fleet size data since 2014

Comprehensive analysis of EV sales made simple

Experience the ease of comprehensive EV market research with the EV Sales Monitor. It offers effortless data access, insightful market comparisons, and EV registrations data downloads for your unique analytical needs

Download EV sales data for your tailored company analysis

Empower your analytics with the option to download EV sales data. Create tailored reports and perform in-depth analyses with the freedom to manipulate and explore data as you see fit

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Hassle-Free data retrieval for EV research

Simplify your workflow with our collected and analysed passenger car registration & fleet data, providing a hassle-free solution to data collection and processing

Easy retrieval

Compare EV markets easily with unified data

The EV Sales Monitor unifies EV sales data from global markets, simplifying your comparative analysis. Easily identify trends and patterns across regions with our cohesive data presentation

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