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Critical Minerals Market Review 2023

This report analyses the critical minerals market's impact on clean energy technologies and the need for secure and sustainable supplies. It covers rising demand, policy interventions, investment trends, and challenges in diversifying supply sources. An international summit on critical minerals is announced to promote collaboration in securing these essential resources.
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Innovation landscape for smart electrification

This report explores the role of innovation in achieving a carbon-neutral future through smart electrification strategies. It emphasizes the need for comprehensive solutions covering technology, regulation, planning, and business models. The goal is to accelerate the adoption of clean energy and sustainability worldwide.
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Market Analysis Update Q2 2023

This report provides a market update on the surge in demand for lithium-ion batteries due to the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs). It highlights the significant growth in sales of traction batteries and the establishment of new cell production plants and battery component factories in Europe to meet the rising demand.
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