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We share EV reports covering global sales figures and trends. Access yearly, quarterly or monthly electric vehicle sales volumes per different regions. Find the best-selling EV brands and models in Europe, China and the United States. Next to that, we share outlooks providing electric vehicles sales forecast towards 2030 and beyond.

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Get in-dept insights on EV market trends with our extensive collection of reports. Learn about the e-Mobility adoption strategies in different countries. And discover how driver behaviour & government incentives are creating opportunities for growth.

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Cities boost mobility networks & EV charging infrastructure

New economic difficulties and increased extreme weather cannot derail efforts by cities to improve their mobility networks at a time when they are still recuperating from the COVID-19 disruptions. To maintain resilience and stimulate economic vitality, they require effective and equitable mobility networks.

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$300 billion in new lithium ion battery gigafactories

Over the previous four years, about $300 billion in new lithium ion battery gigafactories have been announced, fueled by the industry's fast expansion in China, the world's largest producer.

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Indonesia to lead SEA battery manufacturing by 2030

Indonesia is on track to become the largest lithium-ion battery and component manufacturing hub in Southeast Asia. This is thanks to its abundant raw material resources, including nickel and cobalt, and investments from global companies.

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The Growing Battery Market: BYD Surpasses LG

Between January 2022 and November 2022, BYD surpassed LG Energy Solution to achieve third place in the ranking of installed battery capacity for all electric cars sold globally (BEV, PHEV, and HEV). During this period, 446.0 GWh, or 74.7% more energy than the previous year, was stored in the batteries of electric cars. Since the third quarter of 2020,...

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Grid Integration of Electric Vehicles

As a major driver of decarbonisation, the electrification of road transport plays a key role In the IEA’s Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario. To support this transition, the power sector will need to ensure a secure supply of electricity for EV charging and take advantage of EV flexibility through seamless integration with the power system.
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Battery production to tenfold by 2030

Battery production must increase for a sustainable energy transition. Predictions indicate that batteries will remain in high demand in 2023. Batteries can store renewable electricity and provide service during peak demand hours, making them crucial for increasing grid flexibility, particularly in markets with high renewable penetration. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that installed battery capacity worldwide will increase...

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