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Battery projects Europe July 2022

Until recently, Europe did not play a significant role as a manufacturing destination for battery cells, but technological progress and stability, as well as attractive political framework circumstances, are making Europe increasingly appealing as a new marketplace for battery production.

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Global market Shares by Battery Maker H1 2022

Global market shares battery makers H1 2022

A surge in China's electric vehicle sector has resulted in rapid developments for the country's battery manufacturers. SK On and SDI grew by 124% and 50%, respectively, while LGES and Panasonic saw their growth rate stagnate.

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Making zero-emissions trucking possible

This report, composed by the Mission Possible Partnership, provides ten critical insights to forge a path to a zero-emissions future for the heavy-duty trucking sector. The main road to decarbonising trucking will be developing and using new vehicles and drivetrains: battery electric trucks (BETs) and hydrogen electric trucks (HETs), powered with fuel cells. To achieve net zero by 2050...
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Highest charging density in European cities

Uswitch conducted a study on 31 European capital cities to determine which cities had the highest density of public EV charge points.

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H1 West European electric passenger car market

Mention the auto industry nowadays, and a relatively young-looking Californian electric car manufacturer will surely be heard. Present on the European market for a decade with a genuine own creation, the Model S (although it shared Mercedes parts thanks to its then shareholder) got the ball rolling.

Matthias Schmidt

European Automotive Market Analyst @ Schmidt Automotive Research
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Chinese EV market is expected to have a 25 sales share

Chinese EV market is expected to have a 25% sales share

The appetite for EVs is soaring, according to global surveys. The Chinese EV market is growing particularly rapidly. With 3.3 million EVs sold in 2021.

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