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European Electric Car Market Intelligence Study Q2 2022

Q2 West European BEV volumes fell over opening quarter levels, impacting BEV penetration growth as Tesla witnessed regional quarterly volumes fall to their lowest levels in two years on the back of their Chinese Covid shutdown.
Reported by Schmidt Automotive Research

What happens once the government stabilisers are detached?

Like learning to ride a bike, the European electric car industry has been supported by various stabilisers over the years. These have provided confidence through generous consumer purchase subsidies on the one side and tax incentives on the other, while an additional regulatory stick in the form of CO2 fleet average targets keeps OEMs on their toes. Those stabilisers...

Matthias Schmidt

European Automotive Market Analyst @ Schmidt Automotive Research
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BETs reach TCO parity with diesel trucks in most EU cities

Electric trucks reach TCO parity with diesel trucks in EU

It is possible for battery electric trucks (BETs) for last-mile delivery to reach TCO parity with diesel trucks in most European cities, with the current purchase premiums, according to the ICCT.

Editorial board

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Volkswagen is poised to overtake Tesla in 2024

Volkswagen is poised to overtake Tesla in 2024

Volkswagen is poised to overtake Tesla in 2024 and already leads in Europe. Execution will be key to encroaching on Tesla’s $750 billion market capitalization.

Editorial board

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Electrifying last-mile delivery

In 2020, vehicles with a gross weight between 3.5 and 7 tonnes recorded an 11% market share in 2020, making last-mile delivery trucks, such as parcel delivery vehicles, one of the most significant heavy-duty vehicle segments by sales volume in Europe. In the last couple of years, e-commerce has witnessed a 15% growth, showing no signs of stopping. This...
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