Driver Behaviour / Surveys

Explore driver opinions on several critical issues including the development of advanced technologies. Find unique viewpoints to help understand, serve and grow the shift to electric mobility. Are people ready to switch to electric vehicles and do they recommend it to others? Understand who the current and future EV consumers are, and how to support and increase EV adoption. Learn more about the preferred charging patterns per region.

EV consumer behaviour

Better understand how and where EV consumers, plan, drive and recharge their electric vehicle and what they would like to experience while recharging in terms of site design, amenities, capabilities and service.

Charging time most important for EV drivers

Capgemini conducted interviews about charging with more than 180 EV drivers. There are several aspects that are highlighted by the survey respondents as particularly important.

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2022 Global Automotive Consumer Study Key findings

For over ten years, Deloitte has been exploring consumer trends in the automotive industry. It analyses the impact these trends have on a global mobility ecosystem that is evolving at a fast pace. Deloitte’s most recent study ran from September through October 2021, and surveyed more than 26,000 consumers in 25 countries to explore opinions on several critical issues...
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