Tesla superchargers Europe’s best charging network in 2023

Chargemap, has released its 2023 rankings for the best charging networks in Europe, derived from over 390,000 user ratings. The results offer valuable insights into the state of electric vehicle infrastructure across the continent.
In the category of overall charging experience, Tesla Superchargers emerged as the leader, applauded for their efficiency and user-friendliness. The Dutch network Fastned secured the second spot, noted for its rapid growth and convenience. Completing the top three is Electra, a French network, exemplifying the significant advancements in charging infrastructure in Europe.

When it comes to value for money, the French Orléans Métropole network, with its 31 charging zones, topped the list. It was followed by NW IECharge, known for its presence in suburban and rural areas, and the Lidl network, which has been expanding its charging facilities across Europe.

Infrastructure reliability, crucial for EV drivers, includes factors like ease of use, charging start time, power delivery, and the condition of charging points and cables. Fastned claimed the top spot in this category, reflecting its commitment to high-quality service. The Tesla Superchargers network and the French network Electra also featured prominently, showcasing their dependability and user satisfaction.

These rankings by Chargemap highlight the evolving landscape of EV charging networks in Europe, indicating a positive trajectory towards more reliable, accessible, and user-friendly electric vehicle infrastructure. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, these networks play a pivotal role in supporting the shift towards sustainable mobility.

Source: Chargemap

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