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The rapid expansion of EU’s Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure

The European Union is witnessing an unprecedented expansion in its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, a pivotal development in meeting the ambitious climate goals set by the European Green Deal. Recent analysis by Transport & Environment (T&E) highlights the exponential growth in the availability of public charging points across the EU, marking significant strides towards achieving the targets laid out in the European Commission's Sustainable & Smart Mobility Strategy. Read More

Global EV outlook 2024: EV sales set to reach 17 million

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are expected to soar to around 17 million units in 2024, marking another year of robust growth in the automotive sector, according to the latest Global EV Outlook from the International Energy Agency (IEA). This forecast suggests that EVs will account for over one in five cars sold globally, demonstrating their evolution into a mainstream product across a growing number of markets. Read More

Asian Dominance in the 2023 EV Battery Market, CATL leading

In the race to power the next generation of electric vehicles, Asian companies continue to dominate the global EV battery market. According to data from EV Volumes, all major players in the battery manufacturing sector are based in Asia, highlighting the region's significant role despite increasing efforts from the U.S. and EU to establish a local supply chain. Read More

The impact of battery passports on EV lifecycle management

In a significant step towards a sustainable and circular economy, the European Union is set to introduce the Battery Passport in February 2027, a novel digital product passport (DPP) system mandated by the EU Battery Regulation. This initiative aims to provide comprehensive lifecycle information of batteries in a secure digital format, covering electric vehicle (EV), light means of transport (LMT), and industrial batteries with a capacity greater than 2kWh. Read More

Navigating battery cell formats in Electric Vehicles

In the rapidly advancing arena of electric vehicles (EVs), the choice of battery cell configuration plays a pivotal role in defining the performance, efficiency, and adaptability of the technology. Major automotive manufacturers and battery suppliers are actively experimenting with various cell types, with prismatic, pouch, and cylindrical formats leading the charge in the industry's transition to electrification. Read More

Why major EV stocks fell despite a rising market in early 2024

In the first quarter of 2024, while the broader S&P 500 index saw a rise exceeding 10%, the electric vehicle (EV) sector experienced a significant downturn. This article delves into the performance of key players within the pure-play EV market—companies solely focused on electric vehicles—using data visualised by Visual Capitalist. Read More

The surge of Europe’s public EV chargers ahead of 2030 goals

As Europe accelerates its shift towards electric vehicles (EVs), the deployment of public charging stations has outstripped growth expectations, significantly alleviating one of the primary barriers to EV adoption—charging availability. A new report by Transport & Environment highlights the rapid expansion of the EU's charging network, showcasing a strategic blend of policy ambition and infrastructural foresight. Read More

The road to European automakers’ 2025 CO2 targets

The automotive industry in Europe is on a transformative journey, underpinned by stringent regulatory frameworks aimed at reducing carbon emissions. The European Union's CO2 regulations for new cars are pivotal in this shift, setting ambitious targets that car manufacturers, or Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), must meet. A recent analysis by Transport & Environment provides a critical overview of where these carmakers stand in relation to the upcoming 2025 targets based on their performance in 2023. Read More

Governments boost ZEV market with strategic incentives

Zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) are seeing a significant uptick in global sales, bolstered by robust governmental support through financial incentives. A recent report by the Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance highlights how these incentives are crucial in propelling the adoption of environmentally friendly vehicles and making them a mainstream option. Read More

Nationwide Initiative Paves the Way for Highway Truck Charging

In a move set to redefine the landscape of long-haul trucking in Germany, a collaborative project known as "HoLa - High performance charging for long-haul trucking" has unveiled a visionary proposal for the standard layout of highway truck charging stations, including pioneering drive-through charging facilities. Spearheaded by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI and supported by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, the initiative aims to facilitate the nationwide expansion of high-performance charging infrastructure for battery-electric trucks, fostering a significant leap towards a CO2-free logistics sector. Read More