The 3 most-clicked Battery Reports in May 2023

We've compiled a list of the three most-clicked Battery Reports in May in 2023. These reports shed light on lithium mining in Europe, the carbon footprint of batteries, and solid state batteries
  1. Europe runs on Polish lithium-ion batteries | PSPA
  2. Battery carbon footprint | the battery pass consortium
  3. Solid-state electrolytes | project cobra

Europe runs on Polish lithium-ion batteries | PSPA

This comprehensive report by PSPA delves into the battery industry in Poland and the broader Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, shedding light on its current state, growth potential, and challenges. The aim of this analysis is to provide valuable insights into key aspects of the industry, including technology trends, raw materials, recycling efforts, human resources, market forecasts, and more. Additionally, the report examines the regulatory environment and offers policy recommendations that could shape the industry’s development. With a focus on promoting sustainable growth, the report also provides a list of recommended activities for stakeholders invested in the advancement of this dynamic field.

Access report here

Map of Europe highlighting locations of manufacturers of battery modules and packs. Countries include the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Hungary, Croatia, and Greece.
Source: Europe runs on Polish lithium-ion batteries | PSPA


Battery carbon footprint | the Battery Pass Consortium

This report by the Battery Pass Consortium is a comprehensive guide that provides information on the environmental impact of batteries, as well as guidelines for sustainable battery production and use. This report was created in collaboration with the Global Battery Alliance, and its aim is to promote transparency and sustainability in the battery industry.

The scope of this report is broad, covering various aspects of battery production, use, and disposal. Specifically, it provides information on the Carbon Footprint of batteries, which includes rules for calculating the Carbon Footprint of the ‘Distribution’ and ‘End-of-life and recycling’ life cycle stages. It also covers Supply Chain Due Diligence, Materials and Composition, Circularity and Resource Efficiency, Performance and Durability of batteries.

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A flowchart detailing company-specific data requirements for the Battery Regulation and JRC draft rules. It includes sections on raw material extraction, manufacturing, distribution, and end-of-life stages, highlighting voluntary and mandatory data, and cradle-to-grave GHG rules.
Source: Battery carbon footprint | the Battery Pass Consortium


Solid-state electrolytes | Project Cobra, Bax & Company

This report presents a comprehensive analysis of the electric vehicle (EV) battery landscape, focusing specifically on the technological advancements driven by solid-state electrolytes. Curated by a team of industry experts, this report offers valuable insights into the latest technical, policy, and market developments that are influencing the EV battery industry.

The objective of this report is to provide an overview of the current state of solid-state batteries and their potential impact on the EV industry. By exploring the advantages associated with the transition from liquid to solid electrolytes, the report aims to shed light on the key benefits offered by this emerging technology. These advantages include higher energy density, improved safety features, faster charging capabilities, and longer battery lifespan, all of which are critical factors in driving widespread EV adoption.

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Table with logos and names of key global players in the electrolytes market. The table is divided into two columns: "Liquid Electrolyte Producers" and "SSB Developers," listing various companies from countries including China, South Korea, Japan, and France.
Source: Solid-state electrolytes | Project Cobra, Bax & Company
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