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Easily find reports covering the latest innovations in the whole electric vehicle industry including the charging infrastructure, automotive and batteries markets. Discover papers that analyse ongoing research in different technologies contributing to the transition to e-mobility. Get insights into the latest developments in battery technology, EV charging infrastructure protocols and vehicles. Learn which vehicles have the best mileage and discover the latest developments in payment systems for EV charging.

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We provide papers & reports covering the following topics:
  • Renewable energy
  • EV Charging patterns
  • Battery manufacturing
  • V2G
  • Fast charging
  • Battery resources mining

Electric vehicles with Bi-directional functionality

Automakers are introducing models with bi-directional functionality and testing the technology with utilities.

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November 21th update

E-fuels in trucks: expensive, scarce, and less green

This report examines battery-electric trucks (BETs) against vehicles that operate on synthetic fuels (e-fuels) in 2035 in terms of lifetime emissions and total cost, and it concludes that e-fuels are not practical nor sensible for use in trucks.
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V2G: A critical technology to enable the energy transition

This report defines various smart charging types, looks at how V2G developed, discusses current problems, and evaluates the future potential of V2G. It also assesses the case for using EVs to deliver energy services, pinpoints the long-term consequences of failing to achieve V2G, and offers value pools and alternate business models for industry players.
Reported by Charles River Associates & Hubject

New generation of Chinese OEMs are entering Europe

A new generation of Chinese OEMs are entering the European market, contributing to the electrification of the automobile industry. LeasePlan highlighted some notable trends and issues faced by these OEMs.

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Comparison of the fast charging capability of EVs

For the third time, the P3 Charging Index compares the real and practical charging performance of electric vehicles. Moreover, vehicles are divided into three categories – luxury, premium and compact class - considering their maximum and average charging performance, paired with overall efficiency. These metrics are then normalized to a practical and realistic use case.
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The lifecycle emissions of solid state batteries

This briefing seeks to shed some light on the questions surrounding solid-state batteries (SSBs, concerning their potential benefits and environmental impact. It also looks at where the opportunities lie for development of SSBs, and what policy makers can do to take advantage of these.
Reported by Transport & Environment
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