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  • Fast charging
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August update

Comparison of the fast charging capability of EVs

For the third time, the P3 Charging Index compares the real and practical charging performance of electric vehicles. Moreover, vehicles are divided into three categories – luxury, premium and compact class - considering their maximum and average charging performance, paired with overall efficiency. These metrics are then normalized to a practical and realistic use case.
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Solid state batteries can reduce carbon footprint

Battery manufacturers forecast that solid state batteries will be used in EVs in the second half of the decade, according to the latest study from transport & environment.

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Battery Design: from chemistry to pack

Designed by battery engineers for battery engineers. The site is organized by system and function, thus making it easy for you to find information. When you think about designing a battery pack you think at cell, module, BMS and pack level. However, you need to also rapidly think in terms of: electrical, thermal, mechanical, control and safety. Looking at...

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Heading the future means heeding the past

It is understandable that the departure from the fossil-based economic system cannot be achieved overnight and is a task that spans generations, given the enormous challenges that this major transformation entails. But precisely because of the sheer size of this transformative process, there is always the danger that decision-makers in politics and industry will be content to take small...

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