New generation of Chinese OEMs are entering Europe

A new generation of Chinese OEMs are entering the European market, contributing to the electrification of the automobile industry. LeasePlan highlighted some notable trends and issues faced by these OEMs.
Seven OEMs (represented by eight brands) are expected to launch 16 vehicles across various markets in 2022.

Many of the new Chinese OEM entrants intend to compete with established, premium vehicle brands. The OEMs have employed designers, directors, and engineers with prior expertise at these premium vehicle companies.

A low-cost strategy is far from the only strategic advantage of the car models announced for 2022. This year, Chinese OEMs hope to win over European consumers with innovation.

European consumers’ trust is not simply acquired; retaining it will necessitate investments, know-how, and appropriate certifications.

While Chinese OEMs’ past attempts to join the European market did not go as planned, there is no doubt that thanks to their vehicles’ cutting-edge features and reasonable costs, they have a better chance of success this time around.

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A comparison table listing various electric vehicle models from different brands such as MG, BYD, Hongqi, Ora, NIO, XPENG, and Aion. The table includes details on OEM, brand, car model, car segment, and notable specifications like battery types, range, and safety ratings.
Overview Chinese OEMs | LeasePlan
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