Battery projects Europe July 2022

In order to meet the increasing demand for battery cells in the automotive sector alone, 900 GWh of battery capacity is needed by 2030.

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Until recently, Europe did not play a significant role as a manufacturing destination for battery cells, but technological progress and stability, as well as attractive political framework circumstances, are making Europe increasingly appealing as a new marketplace for battery production.

Around 40 battery cell production factories are being planned or are already under construction. Manufacturers from Asia and America also want to help shape the battery world in Europe

Compared to Asian cell manufacturing companies, the European market sees many collaborations and joint ventures between large car manufacturers and cell producers.

The goal of these newly planned battery cell production factories is to decrease further production costs and therefore the cell costs to improve the competition of the electric vehicle against ICE vehicles.

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Battery projects Europe July 2022 | Battery Atlas,

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