Winning as an O&G Company in the EV Charging Business

To adapt to the transportation industry's shift toward electrification, oil and gas companies must transition their businesses. Electric Vehicle (EV) charging represents a significant new business opportunity: O&G companies have fueled ICE-based mobility for nearly a century and can leverage their position to become the primary energy supplier for EVs as well.

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The transition necessitates taking significant risks, investing large sums of money, and entering a crowded competitive field. When compared to numerous start-ups at the forefront of change, oil and gas companies are considered dinosaurs in the market. O&G companies have consistent, long-term revenue and experience – they are the market’s T-Rex. However, they must also compete with other dinosaurs, namely the major power utilities. New entrants must invest and move quickly in order to not only catch up, but also get ahead.

In this brief, Hubject examines the best in the industry and recommend key winning strategies for successfully transitioning your O&G business to EV charging.

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Reported by Hubject

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