Truck manufacturers targets for zero-emission vehicles

Target-setting for zero-emission commercial vehicle market activity is progressively giving way to execution.

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Since last year, incumbent truck manufacturers have not released any new plans for deploying zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

Instead, both established and new truck manufacturers are concentrating on meeting their expanding production demands and releasing new models as sales begin to ramp up in China, Europe, and the US and huge fleet owners place orders for thousands of commercial ZEVs.

To meet carbon reduction goals, several manufacturers plan to use both fuel cell and battery electric vehicles.

The Traton group is still engaged in some research and development relating to hydrogen, but they solely use battery technology. Additionally, a number of new firms concentrate entirely on vehicles powered by batteries. It could be difficult for manufacturers to invest in numerous competing technologies.

The rising selection of zero-emission commercial vehicle options is dominated by battery electric vans and trucks.

There are 17 to 1 more BEVs available than FCVs. While charging infrastructure is still uneven, truck manufacturers are benefiting from battery technology breakthroughs occurring in the passenger vehicle industry. The availability of more models in Europe than in North America might result in an early regional divergence in the adoption of zero-emission commercial vehicles.

Fuel cell trucks have greater ranges per fill-up, although BEVs are not limited to short distances. The average range of FCV models is over 500 km, while some are anticipated to have a range of over 1,000 km. Currently, BEV models have an average range of slightly over 250 kilometres, but in the future, certain models may have an 800-kilometer range on a single charge.

The majority of the next models of zero-emission big commercial vehicles will be BEVs. Compared to lesser vehicles, heavy-duty truck models support a wider range of propulsion options, including batteries, fuel cells, and natural gas.

Source: BloombergNEF

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Truck manufacturers targets for zero-emission vehicles

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