The Italian Fiat 500e is the best selling BEV in Germany

Between January and August 2022, Germany's top ten best-selling Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) accounted for 98.958 BEV sales. The Italian Fiat 500e was the best-selling BEV during this time period, with 14.975 new registrations.
Tesla, which is known for its slow first month of the quarter, is chasing the small Italian BEV from Stellantis. Tesla has two models in second and third place. The model Y received 12.709 new registrations placing it 2nd, while the model 3 received 12.023 new registrations.

Finishing behind the podium spot is the Hyundai Kona which has 9.577 units sold in the German Automotive market.

Moving down the ranking, we see the German automotive market’s domestic brands. The Opel Corsa-e is barely leading with 8978 new registrations. Coming in close are the Volkswagen ID series, of which the ID.3 has been the best-selling vehicle with 8956 new registrations.

The eighth position was taken by another domestic vehicle, the small BMW i3, which will be phased out by the German automaker BMW. The small Electric BMW had 8039 registrations between January and August 2022.

The Czech Skoda Enyaq and German Volkswagen UP! round out the top ten. The Skoda Enyaq just edged out the Volkswagen with one more registration, totalling 7701 registrations. As previously stated, Volkswagen finished last with a difference of one registration, totalling 7700 registrations.

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Source: The Italian Fiat 500e is the best selling BEV in Germany | EVMarketsReports
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