The 3 most-clicked Electric Vehicle Reports in May 2023

We've compiled a list of the three most-clicked Electric Vehicle reports in May. These reports shed light on global trends, the readiness of countries for EV adoption, and the future of automotive mobility.
  1. Global EV Outlook 2023 | IEA
  2. EV Readiness index 2023 | LeasePlan
  3. The future of automotive mobility to 2035 | Deloitte

Global EV Outlook 2023 | IEA

The Global EV Outlook 2023 is an annual publication by the International Energy Agency that provides a comprehensive analysis of recent developments in electric mobility across the globe. The report combines historical analysis with projections to 2030 and examines key areas of interest such as electric vehicle and charging infrastructure deployment, battery demand, electricity consumption, oil displacement, greenhouse gas emissions, and related policy developments. The scope of the report includes a wide range of topics related to electric mobility and its impact on energy systems and the environment.

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Chart showing the global EV stock
Source: Global EV Outlook 2023 | IEA


EV Readiness index 2023 | LeasePlan

LeasePlan’s EV Readiness Index examines the preparedness of 22 European countries for the shift to electric vehicles (EVs). It assesses the maturity of the EV market, infrastructure, and total cost of ownership. Norway, the Netherlands, and the UK continue to lead the rankings. Denmark has made significant strides, driven by improved EV infrastructure and market share. While the overall charging infrastructure has improved, it remains a bottleneck. Most countries have shown progress or maintained their scores, except for Italy. The report emphasizes the pivotal role of corporate organizations in adopting low-emission fleets to reduce their carbon footprint. It underlines areas for further enhancement and highlights the significance of EV readiness in addressing climate change.

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EV readiness score card
Source: EV Readiness index 2023 | LeasePlan


The future of automotive mobility to 2035 | Deloitte

This report by Deloitte explores the potential role of mobility providers in the automotive industry’s value chain. The report takes a deep dive into the expected shifts in the United States and Europe, future profit-pool simulations, and new operating model capability requirements.

The scope of this report is to provide insights into the future of automotive mobility and how it may impact various stakeholders in the industry. It draws on research from nearly two dozen C-suite executives, as well as a consumer survey and financial model analysis. The report aims to help decision-makers understand the key points that may impact future decision-making and identify opportunities for success in this rapidly shifting business landscape.

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Source: The future of automotive mobility to 2035 | Deloitte
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