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Access the latest reports on the global electric vehicle markets. Follow global developments, trends and investments. Easily find sale reports covering Europe, China and North & South America. Learn more about when new EV brands will enter the market, the total sales per electric vehicles car manufacturer or topics around mergers & acquisitions (M&A) in e-Mobility.

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The shift to e-mobility is moving rapidly, stay ahead through our large collection of EV reports covering the BEV and PHEV market penetration in different regions across the world. Find out which government incentives and subsidies increase electric vehicle sales, and how driver behaviour can influence the shift from ICE to BEV.

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Access electric vehicle reports on the latest innovations and technologies within the market of e-Mobility. Discover new motors & mechanisms, charging inputs and different mileages. Learn how drivers react to new technologies through extensive consumer survey reports.

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Our EV expert blogs and e-Mobility reports cover sales across all continents. You can grasp through sales figures per month or per year. Find insights into the total investments in electric mobility around the world.

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ICCT study highlights EV cost comparisons in Germany

A new report from the ICCT sheds light on the costs associated with charging and fueling electric vehicles (EVs) in Germany. The study, conducted in the context of Germany's push towards sustainable transportation, unveils valuable insights into the economic viability of EV ownership, particularly in comparison to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

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Tesla dominates U.S. Electric Vehicle market in H1 2023

In the first half of 2023, the U.S. electric vehicle (EV) market has witnessed a remarkable dominance by Tesla, outperforming all of its competitors combined. This data, sourced from S&P Global Mobility and illustrated in the following graphic, unveils a stark picture of the EV landscape in the country.

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Record-breaking sales in Q3, US nears 1 million EVs in 2023

The US electric vehicle (EV) market continues its impressive growth as Q3 of 2023 witnessed a historic surge in EV sales. For the first time, over 300,000 battery-powered vehicles were sold, setting the stage for the US to reach the remarkable milestone of 1 million EVs sold this year, likely in November.

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Strong CO2 Standards Boost 50,000 Truck Jobs

In a recent report by BCG, the transition to zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) in Europe is not only an environmental imperative but also a potential boon for the job market. The report underlines the substantial economic benefits and job creation opportunities that could be unlocked through ambitious CO2 standards for heavy-duty vehicles. It's estimated that Europe could generate up...

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S&P Report: China’s automotive industry challenges

In a recent report from S&P Global Ratings, titled "China Auto: Soft Demand Heightens Competition," the report provides insights into the current state of China's auto industry and its potential challenges in the coming months. The report focuses on several key takeaways that shed light on the industry's future prospects.

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Are battery electric vehicles cost competitive?

The adoption of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in Germany has seen uneven growth, primarily due to factors such as the total cost of ownership, access to charging infrastructure, and levels of awareness. To ensure that a wide range of consumers can transition from internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs) to zero-emission models, it is crucial to address the cost barrier...
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