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BEV/PHEV market penetration

The shift to e-mobility is moving rapidly, stay ahead through our large collection of EV reports covering the BEV and PHEV market penetration in different regions across the world. Find out which government incentives and subsidies increase electric vehicle sales, and how driver behaviour can influence the shift from ICE to BEV.

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EV Innovation & technology

Access electric vehicle reports on the latest innovations and technologies within the market of e-Mobility. Discover new motors & mechanisms, charging inputs and different mileages. Learn how drivers react to new technologies through extensive consumer survey reports.

Electric car sales

Our EV expert blogs and e-Mobility reports cover sales across all continents. You can grasp through sales figures per month or per year. Find insights into the total investments in electric mobility around the world.

New generation of Chinese OEMs are entering Europe

A new generation of Chinese OEMs are entering the European market, contributing to the electrification of the automobile industry. LeasePlan highlighted some notable trends and issues faced by these OEMs.

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Making zero-emissions trucking possible

This report, composed by the Mission Possible Partnership, provides ten critical insights to forge a path to a zero-emissions future for the heavy-duty trucking sector. The main road to decarbonising trucking will be developing and using new vehicles and drivetrains: battery electric trucks (BETs) and hydrogen electric trucks (HETs), powered with fuel cells. To achieve net zero by 2050...
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H1 West European electric passenger car market

Mention the auto industry nowadays, and a relatively young-looking Californian electric car manufacturer will surely be heard. Present on the European market for a decade with a genuine own creation, the Model S (although it shared Mercedes parts thanks to its then shareholder) got the ball rolling.

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Chinese EV market is expected to have a 25 sales share

Chinese EV market is expected to have a 25% sales share

The appetite for EVs is soaring, according to global surveys. The Chinese EV market is growing particularly rapidly. With 3.3 million EVs sold in 2021.

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EV market growth in Europe Q2 2022

Registrations of BEVs in the EU increased by 11%

Registrations of battery electric vehicles (BEV) in the EU increased by 11% in Q2 of 2022, reaching a total of 233,413 units sold.

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Carmakers invest up to 526 Billion through 2026

Carmakers invest up to $526 Billion through 2026

Investments by traditional car OEM’s to boost electrification and fade out ICE increased dramatically the past 2 years. According to Bloomberg, carmakers invest up to $526 Billion through 2026 which is more than double the amount they mapped out back in 2020.

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