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The highest level of energy density is possible with lithium-ion battery technology. The large selection of cell designs and chemistries allows for fine-tuning of performance characteristics such as fast charge or temperature operating window (-50°C to 125°C). Furthermore, li-ion batteries have several advantages, including very low self-discharge and extremely long lifetime and cycling performances, with thousands of charging/discharging cycles.

Acquiring recourses

Are battery manufacturers capable of keeping up with the explosive demand for electric vehicles? Acquiring resources in order to build them is a huge challenge they face. At present, China is controlling more than 80% of the resources market. What is the impact of this stake for now and in the near future? We provide reports about electric mobility covering the challenges and solutions in order to keep up with battery supply.

Types of EV batteries

  • Lithium-Ion (li-ion)
  • Lithium-sulfur (Li-S)
  • Ultracapacitor
  • Solid state

Leading EV Battery manufacturers

Gain an understanding of the key manufacturers of batteries across Europe, Asia and South & North America. Get insights into their production output and expected sales. Learn about mergers & acquisitions, the total value, investments and start/scale-ups in the EV battery industry.

At, we provide access to reports covering the latest updates and insights on electric vehicle batteries. Our goal is to help leaders and professionals in the EV industry stay up-to-date on the latest developments in battery technologies

Chinese dominance

China is currently the leading source of minerals and resources for EV batteries. Chinese companies control more than 60% of the world’s supply of cobalt, lithium, and nickel—three of the key ingredients in EV batteries. This gives China a significant advantage when it comes to manufacturing EV batteries. However, it’s important to note that China is not the only country with a rich supply of these minerals and resources. Other countries, such as Australia and Chile, are also major players in the global EV battery market.

solid-state batteries

There have been several major developments in battery technologies over the past year. One notable development is the introduction of solid-state batteries, which are expected to become commercially available within the next few years. Solid-state batteries offer a number of advantages over traditional lithium-ion batteries, including higher energy density, longer life span, and faster charging times.


Battery Mineral Demand and Sustainability Challenges

The electric mobility sector has been a major focus for investors globally as people's awareness of environmental issues grows.

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Advancements in Lithium-ion Battery Technology

lithium-ion battery performance and safety have advanced significantly. More energy density, longer life spans, quicker charging, enhanced safety features, and new recycling methods are some of the ways lithium-ion batteries are improving and changing.

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Company strategies for BEV battery value chains in China

China's electric vehicle battery sector has experienced significant growth in recent years, thanks in part to macro-industrial policies that enabled the rise of this industry. The country's battery firms quickly deepened their capabilities in research and development, as well as the mass production of battery technologies and products. As a result, the availability of electric vehicle batteries in the...

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Europe’s Efforts to Secure Critical Metals

Europe has set its sights on becoming more self-sufficient in the production of critical metals such as lithium, nickel, and cobalt. With China currently holding a strong advantage in controlling key supply chains and the US driving investments into critical metals production, it may be easy to dismiss Europe's efforts. However, Europe has announced several projects aimed at extracting...

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The 3 most-clicked Battery Reports in March

We've compiled a list of the three most-clicked Battery reports in March. These reports provide information on how to build a battery supply chain across Europe and North America, how to develop a robust and resilient US lithium battery supply chain, and how to reduce carbon emissions from EV battery production.

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Cathode materials market

The cathode market for EVs is evolving. This raises several questions: what cathode chemistry will dominate the market in 2030? What’s the future of LNMO, and what applications can it be most useful for? Who are the key suppliers of cathode materials? How are the cathode and battery cell markets influenced by increasing competition on subsidies between the EU,...
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