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The highest level of energy density is possible with lithium-ion battery technology. The large selection of cell designs and chemistries allows for fine-tuning of performance characteristics such as fast charge or temperature operating window (-50°C to 125°C). Furthermore, li-ion batteries have several advantages, including very low self-discharge and extremely long lifetime and cycling performances, with thousands of charging/discharging cycles.

Acquiring recourses

Are battery manufacturers capable of keeping up with the explosive demand for electric vehicles? Acquiring resources in order to build them is a huge challenge they face. At present, China is controlling more than 80% of the resources market. What is the impact of this stake for now and in the near future? We provide reports about electric mobility covering the challenges and solutions in order to keep up with battery supply.

Types of EV batteries

  • Lithium-Ion (li-ion)
  • Lithium-sulfur (Li-S)
  • Ultracapacitor
  • Solid state

Leading EV Battery manufacturers

Gain an understanding of the key manufacturers of batteries across Europe, Asia and South & North America. Get insights into their production output and expected sales. Learn about mergers & acquisitions, the total value, investments and start/scale-ups in the EV battery industry. launches EV markets search engine

With more than 300 EV reports, electric vehicles outlooks and EV expert views has become The EV markets insights companion to grow your EV business. From May 15th 2022 onwards, the 3rd generation of its platform has been launched enabling sophisticated search features, EV expert views on specific e-Mobility topics and of course tons of valuable reports about...

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In 2030, the worldwide battery industry is worth $166B

To meet the increasing demand for EV’s, the battery market will need to grow rapidly. According to the Green Finance Institute, the estimated market value in 2030 ranges from $116 billion to $278 billion, while the global market value in 2021 was around $46bn. Some other takes:

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Are there sufficient raw metals to build batteries?

Are there sufficient raw metals worldwide to build batteries in order to accelerate the switch to electric mobility in 2025? And will there be enough resources available in the European market to support the ongoing massive growth? Transport & Environment (T&E) analysed these questions and came to the following conclusions:

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