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BEV/PHEV sales

Access sales figures and analysis, and learn about the best-selling brands and models in each country. Learn how various government subsidies and incentives are accelerating the transition to e-mobility, as well as how drivers from various regions, countries, and cultures behave.

European charging infrastructure

Discover the latest developments in charging infrastructure around the world. Discover how various CPOs are attempting to meet the rising demand for electric vehicle charging. Learn about new protocols, technologies, and market expansion. The transition to electric mobility is accelerating; learn which players are accelerating the transition by operating charge points in multiple countries, and how to collaborate and build a cross-border infrastructure.

Global plug-in car adoption

Leading governments, as well as a number of national, provincial, and local governments, actively promote the use of plug-in electric vehicles. A variety of policies have been implemented to provide direct financial assistance to consumers and manufacturers, as well as non-monetary incentives, subsidies for charging infrastructure deployment, and long-term regulations with specific goals. The EU regulation establishing mandatory targets for average fleet CO2 emissions for new cars, in particular, has been effective in recent years in contributing to the successful adoption of plug-in cars.

Ev adoption and forecasts

To reduce emissions, governments around the world are committing to electrification and clean energy projects. The United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom all intend to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. China hopes to achieve this goal by 2060. To reduce emissions from the transportation sector, many countries encourage the use of electric vehicles.

Making zero-emissions trucking possible

This report, composed by the Mission Possible Partnership, provides ten critical insights to forge a path to a zero-emissions future for the heavy-duty trucking sector. The main road to decarbonising trucking will be developing and using new vehicles and drivetrains: battery electric trucks (BETs) and hydrogen electric trucks (HETs), powered with fuel cells. To achieve net zero by 2050...
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The lifecycle emissions of solid state batteries

This briefing seeks to shed some light on the questions surrounding solid-state batteries (SSBs, concerning their potential benefits and environmental impact. It also looks at where the opportunities lie for development of SSBs, and what policy makers can do to take advantage of these.
Reported by Transport & Environment

Solid state batteries can reduce carbon footprint

Battery manufacturers forecast that solid state batteries will be used in EVs in the second half of the decade, according to the latest study from transport & environment.

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Chinese EV market is expected to have a 25 sales share

Chinese EV market is expected to have a 25% sales share

The appetite for EVs is soaring, according to global surveys. The Chinese EV market is growing particularly rapidly. With 3.3 million EVs sold in 2021.

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BETs will require 1.4 million to 1.8 million 100kW chargers

Electric trucks will require 1.8 million 100kW chargers

By 2030 battery electric trucks (BETs) will require 1.4 million to 1.8 million slow charges (100kW), as well as 400,000 to 700,000 public high-speed chargers (500kW).

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Carmakers invest up to 526 Billion through 2026

Carmakers invest up to $526 Billion through 2026

Investments by traditional car OEM’s to boost electrification and fade out ICE increased dramatically the past 2 years. According to Bloomberg, carmakers invest up to $526 Billion through 2026 which is more than double the amount they mapped out back in 2020.

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