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Discover the latest reports covering the European electric vehicle industry. We provide easy access to a collection of reports with in-depth analyses on the e-Mobility uptake across European countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, France and many more. Acquire charging infrastructure statistics, outlooks, battery manufacturing updates, and electric vehicle sales.

BEV/PHEV sales

Get access to sales figures and analysis, and discover the best-selling brands and models per European country. Learn how different government subsidies and incentives accelerate the shift to e-mobility, and how drivers from different European countries behave.

European charging infrastructure

Discover the developments in the charging infrastructure across European countries. Find out how different CPO’s try to keep up with the increasing demand on electric vehicle charging. Learn about new protocols, technologies and overall market growth. The transition to electric mobility is growing very fast in Europe, find out which players are boosting the transition by operating charge points across different countries in the EU, and find out how to find solutions to collaborate and create a cross-border infrastructure.

European plug-in car adoption

The European Union and several national, provincial, and local governments in Europe actively support the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles. A number of policies have been put in place to provide direct financial assistance to consumers and manufacturers, as well as non-monetary incentives, subsidies for charging infrastructure deployment, and long-term regulations with specific targets. In particular, the EU regulation that established mandatory targets for average fleet CO2 emissions for new cars has been effective in recent years in contributing to the successful adoption of plug-in cars.

The European Electric Car Monthly Study

ICEbreaker – BEVs accounted for >20% new cars in December – plug-ins 31.6% – in end of year compliance push

Matthias Schmidt

European Automotive Market Analyst @ Schmidt Automotive Research
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Promises, but no plans

This report aims to assess the expected speed of electrification over the next decade and how the CO2 regulation could secure and strengthen this e-Mobility transition.
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Hitting the EV inflection point

This report shows trajectories of cost developments for the production of battery electric vehicles and internal combustion engine vehicles, and the implications for the adoption of EVs in Europe.
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Update on electric vehicle uptake in European cities

Working Paper 2021-37, published by the International Council on Clean Transportation, provides an update on electric vehicle uptake in 2020 in 50 metropolitan regions with the greatest EV registrations volume and shares in Europe. It sheds light on key policies enabling the transition in the most successful local markets when it comes to the adoption of electric mobility.
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Promises, but no plans

The electric car market in Europe continues to grow fast. In Europe, electric car sales have gone up from 3.0% in 2019, to 10.5% in 2020. Not even a worldwide pandemic has been able to halt carmakers’ ambitions to comply with the new European car CO₂ standard, that has taken effect in 2020. However, the question is whether the...
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