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Find the most recent reports on the Asian electric vehicle industry. We make it simple to access a collection of publications that provide in-depth evaluations of e-Mobility adoption in Asian countries such as China, India, Japan, Indonesia, and others. Get information on charging infrastructure, forecasts, battery manufacturing updates, and electric car sales.

E-mobility adoption in China

China has set a target of having 40% of vehicles sold in the country to be Electric by 2030, which essentially means that a lot more vehicles will need to be charged. The government expects to have enough charge points in place by 2025 to accommodate the needs of more than 20 million Electric Vehicles. Currently, more than 70% of China’s 800,000 public charging points are in densely populated coastal areas such as Guangdong and Shanghai. However, this is beginning to change. The National Development and Reform Commission and numerous other organisations released guidelines in January calling for charging stations to be installed in all counties and villages as part of the government’s “rural revitalization” drive.

Emerging Chinese OEMs

  • Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC)
  • Build Your Dreams (BYD)
  • FAW Group
  • Great Wall Motors (GWM)
  • Nio
  • Xpeng

Indonesia aims to be a significant player in the EV market

Indonesia is putting its economy in place to be a significant player in the market for electric vehicles (EVs).

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How China became the leading player in EV Batteries

Over the last decade, China has aggressively grown in the EV battery industry, capturing every stage of the supply chain to emerge as the dominating player in e-mobility. Large R&D investments, favourable government regulations, FDI inflows, and aggressive acquisition of raw material resources across geographies were critical facilitators of China's phenomenal rise in Li-ion batteries.

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New generation of Chinese OEMs are entering Europe

A new generation of Chinese OEMs are entering the European market, contributing to the electrification of the automobile industry. LeasePlan highlighted some notable trends and issues faced by these OEMs.

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