Phase-out of conventional fueled trucks across the EU-27

Countries across the EU-27 have set an increasing number of objectives for the phase-out of conventionally fuelled vehicles.

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Portugal, Luxembourg, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Austria have signed a Global Memorandum of Understanding, committing that 30% of truck and bus sales would be zero-emission by 2030, and 100% by 2040.

Some of these countries have committed to even more ambitious aims than those outlined in the Memorandum. Austria has vowed to phase out the sale of conventionally fuelled cars with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) less than 18 t beginning in 2030, and beginning in 2035 for vehicles with a GVW greater than 18 t

The Netherlands has vowed to solely purchase zero-emission buses beginning in 2025. Denmark is following closely, having the same goal in mind for city buses.

By 2035, Ireland hopes to have a completely zero-emission bus fleet. Austria intends to phase out conventional bus sales beginning in 2032, with the goal of having a fully zero-emission fleet in service by 2040.

Historically, only a few manufacturers have controlled the majority of the HDV industry. 97% of the EU-27’s truck sales in 2021 were attributable to only seven manufacturers. With the top seven manufacturers accounting for 74% of sales, the bus industry is significantly less concentrated.

New market entrants are being allowed to flourish as a result of the rising demand for zero-emission cars, particularly in the bus industry. BYD for buses, Emoss for large trucks, and Streetscooter for light and medium trucks are just a few bus manufacturers who have joined the market with ZE-HDV manufacturing as their exclusive priority.

Source: The ICCT

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Source: Phase-out of conventional fueled trucks across the EU-27 | The ICCT

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