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Hubject’s intercharge network gives you instant access to numerous new eMobility partners. No geographical limitations, no complicated negotiations. One unified open eRoaming network for a seamless charging experience.


Since our beginnings in 2012, we have dedicated ourselves to innovating customer-friendly charging. We work towards tipping the scales towards emission-free mobility and making EV travel more widely adopted.

Our cross-industry IT and business platform is a neutral and open marketplace that serves as an ideal breeding ground for new business models and solutions. Together with our partners, we work to make electric mobility reliable, accessible, and easy for everyone.



We provide the strategic thinking and digital competence needed to support leading companies in the energy sector with improving and expanding their service portfolios.


Mobility is at the heart of everything we do. Our consultants have endless experience with breaking into and expanding across mobility markets, both locally and around the world.


With our extensive technical know-how gained from running the world’s largest eRoaming platform, our experts have all the skills they need to help future-proof your digital product offerings.


Oliver Adrian

Vice President & Interim CEO North America @ Hubject
Oliver Adrian is a Vice President, North America at Hubject based in Berlin. Oliver received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Heidelberg University

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