Energy transition research & consultancy

Delta-EE is the turn-to research and consultancy firm providing insight, data and analysis to organisations working in the energy transition.


As leading experts on the energy transition, we are the turn-to consultancy for in-depth research and ‘new energy’ expertise.

For eighteen years, we have provided our clients with the leading information, analysis, insight, and advice in emerging distributed energy markets. Our in-depth research helps our clients exploit opportunities in the change from old to new energy and make the best decisions for their business.


Subscription Research Services

Our subscription research services specialise in a particular knowledge area, providing clients with reports, data and opinions throughout the year and ongoing, in-depth research and support from a team of experts. Subscribers receive support from the research team, allowing them to fully understand the topic.


Our Consultancy services provide clients with bespoke research, insight and advice tailored to them. We work closely with clients to understand their needs, and design and deliver research that provides the information and insight they need. Our research draws on expertise and data from across Delta-EE, and we use a wide range of research techniques.
We have a strong track record for delivering highly regarded research, compelling insight, and exceeding client expectations, through robust market research, analysis, and data.


Our data provides invaluable insights to clients, covering product sales and forecasts, companies, projects and propositions, energy price and markets, customer research, and policy and regulations.


Our training provides industry professionals with the knowledge they need to navigate the energy transition and covers topics such as engaging customers, energy supply and services, and the transmission and distribution system.


John Murray

Head of EVs @ Delta-EE
John developed and manages Delta-ee’s Distributed Power Service (DPS), providing global market insight in the fields of gas engines and gas turbines used within stationary power applications. In addition to the DPS, John leads Delta-ee’s CHP research.

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This paper contains perspectives on why the European EV industry is shifting faster than anyone was predicting even 12 months ago. It also provides views on the uptake rates expected in the period to 2030.
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