Megawatt charging projects for electric trucks

At least 12 commercial electric vehicle charging installations are now active or will commence construction by 2023. These initiatives were announced within the last 18 months, and the declared investments total more than $1.2 billion.
Once the applicable standard is approved, the ultimate goal for many projects is to operate MW-scale chargers. Initially, some developers want to employ CCS high-power connectors.

The Megawatt Charging System (MCS) was first demonstrated in June 2022 in Oslo, where an electric Scania truck was charged at over 1MW.

The majority of these initiatives are currently based in the United States. Daimler Trucks and PGE were the first to deploy eight mega chargers in Portland in 2021.

In the meanwhile, the EU has established targets for commercial vehicle charging stations along the TEN-T network, with a lower power restriction of 1.4 MW per site.

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Source: High power electric truck charging projects | BloombergNEF
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