evmarketsreports.com launches EV markets search engine

With more than 300 EV reports, electric vehicles outlooks and EV expert views EVMarketsReports.com has become The EV markets insights companion to grow your EV business. From May 15th 2022 onwards, the 3rd generation of its platform has been launched enabling sophisticated search features, EV expert views on specific e-Mobility topics and of course tons of valuable reports about electric mobility.

Growing your EV Business is quite a struggle

EVBoosters initiated this platform from 2019 onwards to propel the EV Business even faster by sharing critical EV market data. The platform is offering ‘free of charge’ access to the platform supporting leaders and professionals in e-Mobility to grow their business.

According to Paul Jan Jacobs, founder of EVBoosters:” Growing your EV Business is quite a struggle. Especially when it comes to entering new regions. You have to cope with other cultures, strict regional regulations, cultural challenges and adapting your solutions to the local needs. Next to that, the use cases for e-Mobility solutions are still in a development stage in most regions.”

evmarketsreports.com database contains more than 300+ EV reports


Powered by leading EV markets authorities

Whether you are looking for EV battery technology developments, the future of e-Mobility, electric vehicles sales per region or charge point numbers per country, this unique e-Mobility markets search engine will grasp through all the available data about electric mobility.

evmarketsreports.com is supported by leading EV market authorities like DELTA-EE, EV-Volumes, Hubject Consultancy, Transport & Environment and Schmidt Automotive Research. These companies add on a regular basis valuable and critical insights about markets, technology or regulations developments in e-Mobility.

About EVBoosters

The company started as a strategy consultancy firm in e-Mobility and has it strains in the industry from 2010 onwards. Over the years, EVBoosters stepwise focused all its activities on recruiting talent for the electric mobility industry across Europe with a strong focus on EV Charging Infrastructure Recruitment. Over the years, EVBoosters build up one of Europe’s largest and most relevant networks of experienced candidates in Electric Vehicles, EV Charging Infrastructure and Batteries across the European continent.

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