EV tariff-based propositions

Residential Battery-Powered Electric Vehicle (BEV) drivers are typically interested in new energy and motivated by environmental concerns, creating opportunities for European energy players.

Reported by Delta-EE

The residential Battery-Powered Electric Vehicle (BEV) market in Europe is expanding at an exponential rate, with Germany, France, and the United Kingdom leading the way. The rapid adoption of BEVs is creating significant opportunities for energy players. According to Delta-EE customer surveys, BEV drivers are more engaged with new energy than average customers, for example, they are more likely to own solar and are more likely to consciously choose an energy supply tariff (as opposed to accepting a default offer).

The value of EV charging propositions remains limited today, but several companies are already beginning to offer them because establishing a market presence may be critical to securing future value. Oil majors have been especially active to date, acquiring or developing capabilities that cover a wide range of customer needs. Large utilities, on the other hand, have been slower to develop their offerings, despite recent large investments.

Despite the rapid adoption of battery-powered electric vehicles (BEV) across Europe, only a few tariffs aimed specifically at residential BEV owners have been introduced.

In general, incumbent suppliers have been cautious, introducing only basic products such as static Time-of-Use tariffs. Challengers, on the other hand, have been proactive in developing capabilities and partnerships with product manufacturers and software experts in order to improve their offerings.

Source: EV tariff-based propositions | Delta-EE
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Reported by Delta-EE

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