EV Shortage Hinders Transition to Clean Transportation

A recent report by Sierra Club has revealed a concerning shortage of electric vehicles (EVs) at car dealerships across the United States, despite soaring demand from consumers. The transportation sector, the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, is in urgent need of cleaner options. However, the report found that approximately two-thirds of dealerships do not have a single EV available for sale.
The report emphasizes the environmental and health benefits of EVs, which produce significantly lower emissions throughout their lifetime compared to conventional gasoline-powered cars. It also underlines the disproportionate impact of vehicle pollution on low-income communities and communities of color, who face higher rates of lung and heart diseases.

President Biden’s commitment to make 50 percent of new car and light truck sales zero-emission vehicles by 2030 has spurred automakers to invest billions in EV manufacturing. Additionally, state and federal governments have been implementing policies to accelerate the transition. However, despite the growing eagerness of many dealerships to sell EVs, the responsibility lies with manufacturers to increase production to meet consumer demand.

The report urges collaborative efforts between automakers, dealerships, and policymakers to overcome existing barriers and ensure widespread access to EVs. By doing so, the US can improve air quality, save costs for consumers, and enhance overall vehicle performance while addressing climate change and promoting environmental justice.

Source: Sierra Club | “A Nationwide Study of the electric vehicle shopping experience”
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