Europe’s key players in battery production

CIC energiGUNE released a overview showing European companies in the fast-changing battery industry. This overview showcases the roles these European leaders have in all parts of making, using, and recycling batteries in the value chain.
In the Raw Materials domain, companies like LKAB, Terrafame, and Glencore have been instrumental in sourcing the essential ingredients that form the backbone of battery production. These firms are delving deep into sustainable mining practices and innovations to ensure a steady supply of these crucial materials.

Progressing to the Refining phase, companies such as Umicore, JM, and Aurubis are refining these raw materials to the exacting standards required for high-performance batteries. Their advanced refining processes are ensuring that the materials’ potential is fully harnessed.

The Component Production segment sees titans like BASF, Evonik and Solvay, among others. These companies are synthesizing and producing intricate battery components that determine the efficiency, longevity, and power of the final product.

When it comes to Cell Manufacturing, industry giants like Leclanché, Northvolt, and Varta are taking the center stage.

In the realm of Battery Pack assembly, companies like BlueSolutions, Bosch, and AKASOL are engineering sophisticated battery systems that cater to diverse applications, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Highlighting the importance of sustainability, the Recycling and Second Life segment showcases the commendable efforts of companies like Fortum, Redux, and Umicore. These firms are pioneering methods to give batteries a second life or recycle their components, reflecting a commitment to an eco-friendly and resource-efficient approach.

Europe’s extensive involvement in the battery value chain signifies its strategic vision for the future. As global energy demands pivot towards cleaner and more sustainable sources.

Source: CIC energiGUNE

Source: CIC energiGUNE
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