European Battery manufacturing sites quintupled

The European EV market has a growing number of cell manufacturers and battery plants. There is a large gap between Asian and European manufacturers, but the gap is closing in the module and pack production.
Individual cells in EVs are limited hence these cells must be bundled into modules and packs. Individual companies, cell manufacturers, and end users have specialised in these processes.

The end users are manufacturers of cars, buses, and trucks as well as stationary energy storage. Accordingly, it is not surprising that a large number of the companies shown here already have existing plants and are not yet in the planning or design phase.

Some of the manufacturing is done by OEMs. However, they only started manufacturing modules and packs in the last few years or will be doing so in the future. Other companies are or were active here earlier.

By 2024 the total number of manufacturing sites by these companies may grow to over 40. This means that the number of manufacturing sites by these companies has more than quintupled from 2010 to 2020 and more than doubled in the following four years.

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