Entering the European Market: Challenges and Future Trends

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October 17th update

Techno-economic uptake potential of zero- emission trucks

This report by TNO examines the technical and economic feasibility of attaining 100% zero-emission vehicle sales delivery vehicles, as well as long-haul trucks. It also addresses the question of whether and how quickly Europe can achieve 100% zero-emission freight vehicle sales.
Reported by TNO | Transport & Environment

European Electric Car Market Intelligence Study Q2 2022

Q2 West European BEV volumes fell over opening quarter levels, impacting BEV penetration growth as Tesla witnessed regional quarterly volumes fall to their lowest levels in two years on the back of their Chinese Covid shutdown.
Reported by Schmidt Automotive Research
October 24th update

From boom to brake: Is the e-mobility transition stalling?

According to Transport & Environment's annual automotive CO2 study, European EV sales are stalling as China and other rivals acquire a foothold in the industry.
Reported by Transport & Environment

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