eMSP Charging network coverage increased by 35% across EU

According to the electrical vehicle market update by EDF & ERM (April 2022) carmakers around the world will spend more than $515.000.000.000 on launching new mCompared to last year the leading charging players increased their eMSP Charging network coverage by 35% across Europe. The 2022 eMobility Excellence (May 2022) listed the countries with the most public and semi-connected charging points per country and the leading players. Hereby are some of our takes: odels.
By April 2022, a total of 330.000 public available charging points are operated across Europe.

The Netherlands is still leading the pace with more than 110.000 cp’s.

Among the free available charging services, Shell Recharge provides access to the largest number of charging points in Europe. With 262,000 charging points, the company covers almost 80% of the total market.

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Total charge points in Europe | eMobility Excellence
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