Emission Reduction Targets for Europe’s Heavy-Duty Vehicles

The European Commission (EC) has proposed revisions to the CO2 standards for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) in Europe. The aim is to improve the existing regulations and broaden their coverage to include more vehicle types. These revisions could have a significant impact on reducing emissions in the transportation industry.
The proposal maintains the 2025 target of a 15% reduction in emissions, but raises the 2030 target to 45%. It also introduces a 65% target for 2035 and an impressive 90% target for 2040. These ambitious goals demonstrate a commitment to combating climate change.

The standards will encompass buses, coaches, trailers, and additional types of trucks. This means that more heavy-duty CO2 emissions (91%) and sales (83%) will be covered, compared to the current coverage of 69% and 59%, respectively.

The proposed revisions include vocational vehicles, such as refuse trucks and tipper trucks, which were previously exempt. This presents a promising opportunity for electrification. Vocational vehicles have predictable routes, low mileages, and overnight depot storage, making them well-suited for zero-emission solutions. Europe has already witnessed the availability of several zero-emission vocational vehicles, paving the way for a greener future.

The proposal will impact compliance pathways for manufacturers, driving them to adopt new technologies and achieve real emission reductions. They also include changes to the definition of zero-emission vehicles and penalties for manufacturers. These adjustments reflect the evolving landscape of sustainable transportation.

These proposed revisions to Europe’s HDV CO2 standards mark a significant step towards combating climate change and achieving meaningful emission reductions in the transportation sector. By raising the targets, expanding the scope, and embracing electrification opportunities for vocational vehicles, Europe is paving the way for a greener future of transportation.

Source: an analysis on the revision of Europe’s heavy-duty CO2 standards | ICCT

Source: An analysis on the revision of Europe’s heavy-duty CO2 standards | ICCT
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