Battery Demand Challenges Asian Electrolyte Dominance

China, South Korea, and Japan are the three nations that dominate the world market for electrolytes. Asian businesses have recently made investments in a number of significant manufacturing facilities in Europe, including a 40 kt Shenzhen Capchem factory in Poland and a 100 kt Tinci plant in the Czech Republic. Lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6) is the conducting salt that the majority of manufacturers utilise in their electrolytes.
Although there are currently no significant electrolyte production capacities in European and American companies, this may change due to the exponential growth in Li-ion battery demand and the industrialization of solid-state electrolytes, which may give Western newcomers a chance to catch up with seasoned Asian manufacturers.

Several US businesses, including Quantum Scape, Solid Power, Factorial, and SES, have partnered with significant EV OEMs and received investments totaling more than $100 million. Blue Solutions – Bollore has installed polymer solid-state cells in Mercedes buses in France and has other SSB deployments planned for city buses.

With a capacity of 300 tonnes anticipated by 2025, Solvionic, a French company, is in the process of constructing its first mass manufacturing facility for electrolytes based on ionic liquids and Li-FSI salt. A low-cost thin-film solidstate technology is being developed in Poland by The Batteries for IOT applications.

Table with logos and names of key global players in the electrolytes market. The table is divided into two columns: "Liquid Electrolyte Producers" and "SSB Developers," listing various companies from countries including China, South Korea, Japan, and France.
Source: Key technical, policy and market developments influencing the electric vehicle landscape | Project Cobra, Bax & Company
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