2021 EV Sales Results Outlook

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COVID-19: The Impact of Lockdowns on EV Markets

This paper presents scenarios with possible lockdown periods of 2, 3 or 4 months, starting mid-March 2020. The scenarios cover the total Light Vehicle (LV) markets and the EV (BEV+PHEV) sector in the 4 geographies of Europe, USA, China, the Non-Triad countries and for the aggregated global totals.
Reported by EV-Volumes
November 21th update

E-fuels in trucks: expensive, scarce, and less green

This report examines battery-electric trucks (BETs) against vehicles that operate on synthetic fuels (e-fuels) in 2035 in terms of lifetime emissions and total cost, and it concludes that e-fuels are not practical nor sensible for use in trucks.
Reported by Transport & Environment

The European Electric Car Report Edition 12 Full Year 2020

This report delivers key and incisive trends and developments in the European EV market, both to the industry and its stakeholders.
Reported by Schmidt Automotive Research

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