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Initiated by EV addicts is initiated by EVBoosters. The company started as a strategy consultancy firm in e-Mobility. Over the years, EVBoosters stepwise focused all its activities on recruiting talent for the electric mobility industry across Europe. The company is offering ‘free of charge’ access to this unique EV markets data platform to leaders & professionals accelerating the transition to electric mobility even faster.

EVBoosters Recruitment is so much more than just a ‘regular’ recruitment agency since we are already active in the European e-Mobility space since 2010.

Over the years, EVBoosters build up one of Europe’s largest and most relevant networks of experienced candidates in Electric Vehicles, EV Charging Infrastructure and Batteries across the continent.


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June update

West EU PEV market hits 0.5 million units after 5-months

For the 11th consecutive month, monthly registrations of new plug-in passenger cars across W-Europe continued to account for >20% of the total market up to May 2022 according to the monthly European Electric Car Study's data.

Matthias Schmidt

European Automotive Market Analyst @ Schmidt Automotive Research
3 minute read |
June update

Battery Design: from chemistry to pack

Designed by battery engineers for battery engineers. The site is organized by system and function, thus making it easy for you to find information. When you think about designing a battery pack you think at cell, module, BMS and pack level. However, you need to also rapidly think in terms of: electrical, thermal, mechanical, control and safety. Looking at...

Nigel Taylor

founder @
June update

Global EV Outlook 2022

While in 2012, just 120 000 electric cars were sold worldwide, in 2021, more than that number were sold each week. Some 10% of all global car sales were electric in 2021, four times the market share in 2019. The total number of electric cars in the world is now nearly 17 million, three times as many as there...
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