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Initiated by EV addicts is initiated by EVBoosters. The company started as a strategy consultancy firm in e-Mobility. Over the years, EVBoosters stepwise focused all its activities on recruiting talent for the electric mobility industry across Europe. The company is offering ‘free of charge’ access to this unique EV markets data platform to leaders & professionals accelerating the transition to electric mobility even faster.

EVBoosters Recruitment is so much more than just a ‘regular’ recruitment agency since we are already active in the European e-Mobility space since 2010.

Over the years, EVBoosters build up one of Europe’s largest and most relevant networks of experienced candidates in Electric Vehicles, EV Charging Infrastructure and Batteries across the continent.


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May update

Heading the future means heeding the past

It is understandable that the departure from the fossil-based economic system cannot be achieved overnight and is a task that spans generations, given the enormous challenges that this major transformation entails. But precisely because of the sheer size of this transformative process, there is always the danger that decision-makers in politics and industry will be content to take small...

Christian Hahn

CEO @ Hubject
3 minute read |
May update

Nordics on track to wave bye to ICEs first?

Over 100 different pure electric (BEV) models have entered Europe's most Northern market over the past decade, contributing to nearly every fifth car on Norway's roads today (15.9% BEV parc January 1, 2022) motoring along silently. The half millionth model will enter the 2.9m car market during this year's second quarter.

Matthias Schmidt

European Automotive Market Analyst @ Schmidt Automotive Research
3 minute read |
May update

West EU BEV market powers on despite hurricane headwinds

Despite Western Europe's pure electric passenger car market falling on unpredicted times with hurricane headwinds coming in the form of the continued semi-conductor shortage, the Ukrainian wire harness impact, raw material price concerns, and covid shutdowns in China, BEV volumes across the monitored 18 market region achieved the third-best quarter on record. The other two quarters with higher volumes...

Matthias Schmidt

European Automotive Market Analyst @ Schmidt Automotive Research
1 minute read |
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